All About Algae: The Most Amazing Organism You Never Knew Existed

If you're wondering about Algae, as a basic building block of life itself, it revolutionized life in the oceans 100's of millions of years ago, then life on land 10’s of millions of years ago. It gave us the hydrocarbon oceans of oil we now use, and the industrial revolution as we know it couldn't have started, or continued, without it.

algae to biofuel

We are now entering the THIRD Industrial Revolution.

In the coming century you're going to see it revolutionize fuel once again. But that is only the beginning. From bio-plastics, to organic health food supplements, to curing diseases, to animal feeds, to bio fertilizers, to aqua farming, to water filtration and purification, to cleaning up the environment.

More About Algae

about algae
AND THAT is only naming a few. Imagine for just a moment an organism that…
  • Is so old it is one of Earth’s first forms of life. It has survived for BILLIONS of years.
  • Enabled the planets biodiversity of plants, insects, and animals.
  • Has been able to adapt to Earth’s most extreme climates.
  • Provides over half of the planets oxygen.
  • It can be found in soil, water, ice, at all altitudes and latitudes.
  • Is able to reproduce in almost limitless sizes, shapes, colors and textures.
  • Has over 100,000 species, and almost limitless strains.
  • Has the ability to grow incredibly fast, or slow
  • Is responsible for the vast underground oceans of oil
  • Was responsible for the coloring of Cleopatra’s gowns, and the Roman legions togas.
  • Thrives in saltwater, freshwater, brine, sewage, or wastewater.
  • Is able to efficiently transform solar energy into high energy biomass.
  • It requires no cropland to grow, and displaces no food crops.
  • Is able to “feed” on greenhouse gases and clean the environment.
  • It has no growing season and can be cultivated year around.
  • It has over 60% protein which can be energy foods.
  • It can contain over 60% lipids (oil) which can be used in biofuels.
  • It can be grown with over 90% carbohydrates and used to make paper.
  • It can produce food 30 to 100 times faster than land based grains.
  • It can be used to produce biofuels, bioethanol, jet fuel, and bio gasoline.
  • It can produce low cost medicines, pharmaceuticals and vaccines.
  • It can produce fine cosmetics, herbal wraps, and skin crèmes.
  • It can produce biofuels many times faster and cheaper than corn or soybeans.
  • It can create nutritious health foods and has been eaten for centuries in Asia.
  • It can be used to make bio plastics.
  • It can be used to feed the world’s animals and livestock.
  • It can be used to grow organic vegetables.
  • It can be used in aquaculture to grow fish and vegetable at the same time.
  • It can be used to cure:
    • Diabetes
    • Cancer
    • Obesity
    • Used in Weight loss
    • Reduce anxiety and sleep disorders
    • Improves mental function and enhances concentration.
    • Improves immune function.
Yet despite all of these benefits, it suffers from a perception problem.
  • Most products on the market are used to kill it or contain it.
  • Is seen as green slime, a bad odor, an annoyance, something to be rid of.
  • Very little research or money is being devoted to it outside of biofuels.
It is currently being used to only 1% of its potential. And THIS is where opportunity for algae lives. This website is all about algae, all the creative, explored, and unexplored uses of algae. It is an attempt to bring the algae out of the mud puddles, swamps, bogs, and laboratories, into the spotlight of the 21st. century.

The Algae Revolution Has Begun

algae biofuels
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